How did the idea of Radio Drama develop? How does it make use of the opportunities radio offers?

write a Reflective Essay analysing your radio/audio script of 2,000 words. In discussing the development of your script you need to reference both appropriate theory – and this might be theory specifically related to radio fiction or from the field of English literature or media studies more generally – but also reference professionally produced material, either material discussed in class or material that you’ve listened to yourself. Remember, in this University we use the Harvard Referencing System, and you do need to include a Bibliography.

Your Essay should tell us the following:

• What was the origin of the idea?

• How did the idea develop? How does it make use of the opportunities radio


• Which other writers or radio plays influenced it?

• What was the interrelationship of form and content? Did form influence content

or vice versa?

• What are the strengths and weaknesses of the finished script? What techniques

that you learned during this module did you use while writing your script?

• How has your writing developed through the process of working on the script?

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