How can you describe the relationship between the interviewer and client as a result of that initial interview?Explain

Students will be paired with one another. Each student will conduct an assessment interview with the other student based on a hypothetical situation they develop. Each pair will use two different situations and each student must explain the scenario in his/her paper, which will serve as the introduction to the critique. The interview will be videotaped and the disk will be submitted with the paper. Each student will evaluate his/her interviewing skills. The student is advised to use examples from the video and to integrate course readings to support his/her evaluations. Be specific.

Use these questions in the critique:

1) What engagement technique were3 employed? Was the interviewer effective in engaging the client?

2) Did the interviewer communicate effectively with the client? What techniques were used? What mistakes were made?

3) What observations did you make, if any, regarding the interviewer’s listening and attending skills?

4) Was the interviewer empathetic?

5) How would you describe the relationship between the interviewer and client as a result of that initial interview?

6) What observations did you make regarding the interview and the environment and the general interviewing tips we discussed in class?

7) Were there any value issues raised in the interview?

8) What general suggestions would you make to the interviewer to improve his/her interviewing skills?

9) What was your overall reaction to the interview? Of the interviewer?

If it is longer than 2 pages that is okay too. I will supply more resources for you shortly.

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