How are you expressing your content?

Project description

Stage a photograph that focuses on food in your life.
Fast Food, Still Life- Weather Gurl

Fast food, Still Life- Weather Gurl- Photography (Links to an external site.)

Questions to answer:
These should be expressed in a one paragraph accompaniment explaining your thought process and how you utilized information from the course for your design.

1.What is important to you?
Content: Is it about how things taste (pleasure)? Is it about nutrition (health)? Are there foods you won’t eat? (and Why?) Does your location
affect what you are showing?

carrrot lobster- vegspinz

Lobster made of carrots- Flickr image- vegspinz

2. How are you expressing your content?
Choose a process that makes sense for your content. Look at the different examples of how artists have created work to convey ideas. Is
there one that resonates with the way you think, or that you think would convey your idea?

Cook with Food- Frans Snyders- 1630s

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