Healthcare data is sensitive and is difficult to obtain.Explain

Big Data , Cloud Computing , Health care with service level agreement (SLA)
An idea that concerned at least 2 of these technology, like : Health care & service level agreement (SLA) Big Data & Healthcare … etc I live in saudi arabia, riyadh city If you need any resource I will try my best If you have a good proposal then inform me I uploaded our proposal form of my university , please check it There are three things that you have to address: 1. The problem statement which is the main part of the proposal and the thesis. This can only be addressed by literature review to know what has been done and what has not been done. Make sure that you have a clear justification for the problem. 2. The tools that you need to solve the problem. You may use standard tools that needs some training or you may build your own tool which requires good programming skills. 3. The data the you will work on it. Is it available???, healthcare data is sensitive and is difficult to obtain. Attached is the master proposal template, but most important is to figure out these problems first.

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