Have you known someone like one of the characters? Describe their similarities.

When we read a story, the words are the same for all of us. What impacts us, however, may be very different. Each of us brings our own knowledge, values, concerns, and life experiences to every story. That is the basis for reader response criticism.

Some of us may have known a person like Eddie or had experiences similar to his or other characters’. We may make the connection between this story and others we have read or films and TV shows we have seen. That association adds another dimension to the written words of the author. As we change, so do our reactions to pieces of literature. In a certain way a book read today will be a different book if read two years from now; that’s because we will have changed.

In an essay of 500 words give your personal response to The Five People You Meet in Heaven.

Did something in the novel move you emotionally, shock and upset you,
or otherwise provoke a personal connection between you and the

Have you known someone like one of the characters? Describe their similarities.

Have you had an experience real or vicarious like one in the book? Compare them.

Was one of the five lessons or other “truths” especially meaningful to you? Why? Explain the significance to you.

The purpose of the essay is not to state whether you liked the book or not; it is to explain your personal reaction to a section of the book. Explain to which passages you responded strongly (give a short synopsis or clear, detailed reference) and how you were affected. You may explain one major reaction or several responses. Write from a personal standpoint using I, me, and my.

write formally using full sentences, correct grammar and mechanics.

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