Find and evaluate your competitive set in your EMs.

Assignment U4

Note: Your competitive set (CS) includes your BPS plus two competing branded products or services that have significant share in your EMs. You may not find direct or product form competition in EMs, since your BPS is new to these markets. If that is the case, you may use “indirect competitors” from product category, generic competition or budget competition for your CS.

1.Produce a cone of competition for your BPS in each EM. Make sure to reflect on your means-end chain to identify these competitors.

1.Identify three critical success factors (CSFs or KSFs) that impact the ability to achieve and sustain a successful business in each of your EMs.

Review the Key Success Factors (CSF/KSF) tip sheet.

Rule: In each EM, you must have at least five TOTAL competitors in the cone of competition, with at least one each in generic and budget competition.

3. For each of 2 competitors in each EM and your BPS, identify one CSF/KSF that appears to be in place, and the intelligence or rationale for your analysis

4. Based on your analysis of EMs from all your assignments: Select your choice of one target entry market (TEM). Provide your reason for selecting that TEM as the better choice among the two you researched


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