Expplain Technology system in the education system:e-books, tablets, etc.

There are three parts to this assignment
1st PART
I need you to write an Argument Synthesis on the following topic:
• Technology in the education system: e-books, tablets, etc.
After choosing your position on the topic listed above, find two scholarly sources to support your position. To find scholarly sources, you can go to:

Then, write two paragraphs of five to seven sentences compare and contrast the points in each article to develop your position on the topic.
Before, you start writing the two paragraphs as mentioned above, make sure to go through the Required Readings in Unit 5 on the Post University Portal. The required readings are:
• Argument Essays and Ethos, Pathos, and Logos
• Deciphering an Argument You’re Reading
• Differentiating Your Argument From Others’
• Argument Paper Format is a good overview of how to put an argumentative paper together.
• How to Write an Argument Outline and Essay (*Review this link specifically before writing your introduction, outline, and conclusion of your argument synthesis essay)
• This is a classical pattern used to outline an argumentative essay. This is the shape your outline should take.
• This is another look at how to write an outline, along with a few organizers you can use: Create an Argument Outline.
• The Purdue OWL’s site dedicated to writing a strong argument essay can be found here.
• This argument synthesis is a sample in APA format.

2nd PART
I need you to do an Argument Synthesis Outline with full introduction including thesis statement, full conclusion, and an outline of the body paragraphs. Several of the links in the required readings and activities section in Unit 5 on the Post University Portal provide information on how to write your outline. Be sure to include QUOTES, IN-TEXT CITATION, and REFERENCES in your outline. Remember this is just an outline with a full introduction and conclusion.
The argument synthesis outline will be based on the following topic:
• Technology in the education system: e-books, tablets, etc.

3rd PART
I need you to write an Argument Synthesis Essay.
The Argument Synthesis will require you to research and choose readings to incorporate into the essay to formulate your argument. After reading through the pieces on Argument Synthesis and Ethos, Pathos, and Logos, Technology in the education system: e-books, tablets, etc. will be the topic for your essay. The essay will be two to three pages in length and include at least three scholarly sources, and employ APA format. This essay MUST include the following:
An APA title page
An APA in-text citations wherever you reference the text.
A reference page in APA format. (Please add the links for each reference)
Be objective and avoid using “I,” “you,” and “we.”

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