Explore approaches to multiple masculinities and reflect upon the implications of these ideas for understanding masculinised privilege.

This is part of my Geography paper at uni. Its very similar to Sociology though.

– I am looking for you to connect ideas about privilege with masculinities to answer the question

– Cite at least 15 readings

– The better essays will discuss the theoretical ideas surrounding privilege and masculinities, then use examples to tease out these themes in context to highlight significance of masculinised privilege. Within this you will need to show you understand the theoretical aspects of masculinised privilege by explore the idea that there is not a single masculinity but multiple masculinities

– Also has an evaluative component wherein you need to explore the implications of this for understanding masculinised privilege. I would suggest you choose a few case studies to explore this issue in context.

– Make sure that you clearly link your theoretical discussion with the examples given.

– Essay questions doesn’t ask for solutions.

– Find relevant theory and examples

– Illustrate ideas

– Do theoretical readings first THEN masculinities.

– I want you to show me how privilege works to structure (organise) society.

– The question set is designed for you to discuss the implications of multiple masculinities on understanding gendered privilege. You can focus on one aspect of plural masculinities and/or one contextual example to demonstrate the implications. You will need to discuss dominant hegemonic masculinity. Have you demonstrated these elements within you essay?