Explain why you chose this in relation to your career plan and explain why you are suitable.

Word count: 2150
due: 11th June

 portfolio 1 – 10%
 Your skills assessment – 500 words maximum of comment/reflection.
 You should attach a completed skills assessment questionnaire and summary skills table and any personality tests completed such as Myers Briggs which assisted in your self-assessment.

 Portfolio 2 Worth- 20%
 Task – Write a summary of what you have learnt in your Foundation degree studies and employment over the last 2 years reflecting on the value of these skills for your future career roles. (Potential to link to secondary research in relation to skills shortage in hospitality industry.)
 Words – 500 words

 Portfolio 3
 Task – A five year career plan including your development needs to cover the next 2 years and your long term career goal. Separately, identify the factors that could hinder your continued professional development and lifelong learning, and the measures you will take to overcome these.
 Words – 500 words

 Portfolio number – 4 Worth-5%
 Task – Find three job advertisements for managers, supervisors or operational staff within the hospitality industry, within a sector of your choice. List the skills and qualities that are being asked for from applicants.
 Words—400 words

 Portfolio 5
 Worth-10%
Task – Considering your current position, identify an advert and a job that you would like to apply for. Explain why you chose this in relation to your career plan and explain why you are suitable.

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