Explain why relying strictly on phonics to teach vocabulary is not a good idea.

This is the proposal for my final field based project in oder to obtain my masters degree, I have chosen to complete my project on a topic related to vocabulary instruction in low income schools. Unfortunately, I have noticed that vocabulary instruction has taken a back seat to reading comprehension skills, but I want to make it know with this project that vocabulary instruction will pave the way for reading comprehension and improved reading scores. I need a project proposal for this project which includes my ideas and sources that back up my ideas. I believe that vocabulary instruction must be more that simply memorizing words and definitions. A “balanced approach” to vocabulary instruction is the only way to make sure that children are gaining LIFE LONG vocabularies not simply passing grade level assessments and forgetting words. I have realized that it is imparative to teach vocabulary words that are meaningful to students rather than require them to use words that they will likely never use in real life. this is especially true when dealing with children from low SES areas. Over the course of the academic 2015-2016 school year I plan on using part of my LA time in my third grade classroom to use many different whole language approach strategies in order to test the effectiveness of using “familiar, real world” vocabulary word to increase reading scores and fluency. I will provide the exact directions for this proposal and how I will have to present it, I will need a statement of problem or issue, narrative outlining the supporting theories and research, action steps, and time line.

The theorists I would like to include in this proposal are Vygotsky and the constructivist theory. Also, why relying strictly on phonics to teach vocabulary is not a good idea.

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