Explain why law is better than medicine.


1. I was a medical student, and in the middle of my third year, my mom was very ill, and I had to take care of her. As a result, some of my academic work suffered. I then withdrew from the programme to attend to her while she was being treated and recovering. This essay needs to say this in a single paragraph, using much better language. This paragraph needs to make it clear that I am more than capable of performing well and even going back and completing the medical program, as I am eligible to do so. But I have chosen to go in a different career direction, because I realized this past year (2014), that it would serve me best both in terms of my life goals and educationally, to pursue law.

2. I majored in Philosophy. I took Philosophy courses in Epistemology, Comparative Asian Religions, Linguistics, Formal Logic, and the following graduate courses as an undergrad: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language, Metaethics, Bioethics, Theory of Computation (also doubled as a math course), and Philosophy of Mind.You need to talk about how these courses developed a level of abstract thinking and critical thinking that is underutilized in medicine. And the writing skills I acquired, are not used at all. You need to make a strong case for why this coursework has made me a well-rounded, highly-analytical, and appropriate for the profession of law rather than medicine.

3. You need to go into detail on why study of law is superior to study of medicine. Mention how there is a difference in the level of rigor (mathematical/logical rigor), and that medicine is imprecise, medical practitioners squabble over trivial issues that often the significance unknown (e.g. which sutures, or which brand of a particular drug). Physicans often make decisions not based in evidence etc. Alot of decisions on sheer opinion, unsupported, sometimes whimsical decisions. I’m just throwing out some ideas here, but the goal here, of which you need to spend enough time, is to establish law as requiring a higher standard of evidence, a greater level of critical and analytical thinking, and overall more suited for my abilities.

Don’t make this part sound “bitter” or like an assault on medicine as a career. Medicine is a very respectable and rewarding career, however, the aim is to establish that I am more suited for law, because of my background, skills, and interest. So you need to establish my skills and interests, and then use those to show that medicine is less appropriate for me (but by establishing it as a better career). Basically, degrade medicine, but don’t overdo it. Hopefully this makes sense.

4. Discuss the value I got out of my time pursuing medicine. Learning to study rigorously, time management, learning professionalism, studying ethics, and the interesting scientific knowledge that I gained in my first two years. Add more detail here that you can think of.

5. Come up with a nice conclusion to tie everything together.

You don’t have to follow the structure I provided but you need to touch on all of this, in a single coherent piece. It needs to flow well.

Try to achieve this in 550-700 words. The minimum is 550 words, but I purchased 3 pages in case you need more words.

I will attach some points about me that you may include in my essay, you don’t have to include all of them. Use your judgement to include what will strengthen the essay.