Explain why characters are understandable and cause and effect follows the rules of our daily life.

The name of this play is ANGELS IN AMERICA:

please answer each one in a separate paragraph

Here is information on those styles:

REALISM: looks like and we agree is like daily life. Characters are understandable and cause and effect follows the rules of our daily life. Realism will tell use exposition and have telescoping of time. The set or location looks like real lifeEXPRESSIONISM:

In Expressionism we see exaggeration in the kinds of costumes, lighting, set design and even types of characters. So often, musicals also have elements of Expressionism (as well as Realism).

It is non-representational, that is, not a direct imitation of nature–it does not look exactly like daily life. Expressionism’s ambition is to move beyond and beneath factual surfaces to get at truthful essences. Angular images, contrast light and dark, stylized acting. It believes that individual consciousness shapes the world. That conventional categories of beauty are a foul illusion. As artists, they distort environment to get at the inner essence and individual consciousness. In some Expressionist works, there is a use of angular images or ‘larger than life’ objects and people, contrasting light and dark or extreme lighting on stage, stylized acting. Situations that are presented in the story are often iconic, mythic, larger than “life” and can also have connections to historical, psychologic, religious or social patterns.


This style is like Expressionism, but more extreme AND there is no clear cause and effect or connection in people, actions or events. For example: people who never meet, can meet in a hallucination in Surrealism. Or an explosion could happen in a normal hospital room and then suddenly be normal again in Surrealism.

Please answer these 3 questions: Most theater productions that are done today are hybrids: they freely use elements from many kinds of theater. ANGELS IN AMERICA does that. So: describe a scene a moment or an event in this film that you feel is an example of one of each of these styles.
1) Realism

2) Expressionism

3) Surrealism

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