Hi writer im doing a course in Ireland ( Europe) The course its called TRAINING NEEDS IDENTIFICATION AND DESIGN which is second part of training trainers ( Training delivery and evaluation) and i have final PROJECT which i need you to work on for me as it is the biggest part of my course. THE PROJECT TITLE IS: TRAINING NEEDS ANALYSIS AND PROGRAMME DESIGN. Please find attached questionnaire paper of 5 questions to be answered and ready instructions carefully. Please while you are answering the questions put yourself in my position like if you were me in this class which means you might be using some word like I,.. etc if its relevant to the questions just like you own this project if you know what i mean? Just act personal on my behalf not to say things in general. For the organisation im familiar with will be an Art School (for example: Limerick School of Art and Design) as my target will be the teachers there to train them how to teach better with new skills (because the students there are complaining the way are being taught) as i will bring and introduce new interesting techniques skills into their actual teachings because I’m professional artist painter and teacher so for the lesson plan will be teaching sketching and how to paint a LANDSCAPE or Life drawing or Sketching and paint still life. You can pick one of them easier for you to work with or if you have an idea of something else related to art you feel that you can introduce into art school to improve and attract them for new training for their teachers feel free to use it. Or if you have other way to make this more impressive with art sector please do so.