Explain Treatments for posttramatic stress disorder. (CPT) and (PE)

I want a United States Writer that will use scholarly journals for sources.

In-depth literature review: Once you have picked a topic, find all the information you can about it.

Your final paper will need at least 10 sources of information outside of the textbook. Five of these

sources can be websites and/or non-scholarly (newspaper articles, magazines, Psychology Today

blogs, etc.). You want to get a sense generally of the topic or event and how it is being portrayed in

the popular media. The other five sources need to be empirical, scholarly, psychology-related

journal articles found through the PsychArticles database. (There are other databases and

scholarly sources that would work, so if you are having trouble finding 5 through PsychArticles,

Altogether, you need to have at least 5 full pages of writing and will probably have more for a full

credit paper but have no more than 10 pages total.

Your final paper is worth 100 points and should have the following:

1. An introductory paragraph (about 3 sentences)

2. A description of the event or topic that pulls in information from your non-scholarly sources,

citing or quoting them properly (about one to two paragraphs per source).

3. A summary of what the non-scholarly sources tell you about the topic. How are these sources

portraying the topic and what would you know about the topic from reading them as a whole?

4. A detailed analysis of the event/topic from psychological perspective that pulls in information

from at least five scholarly sources from PsychArticles.

a. You should have a summary of each source’s findings (one to two paragraphs)

b. You should have a summary of what the scholarly sources’ findings show together

about the topic. Taken as a whole, what information do they tell you- what are the

“take home” messages from all 5 of the research studies done?

5. Two ways that the information you found relates to what we learned in the class by showing

how it relates to information in the textbook. Each textbook citation should include the page

number and at least two sentences of information that tells the reader what the textbook says.

And, each textbook citation should also have at least two sentences about how the information

fits with analyzing the topic or event.

6. A paragraph at the end that looks at all the sources of information together, comparing and

contrasting their information to pull out themes about the topic and discrepancies between the

sources of information.

7. A reference page with each source listed (MLA or APA style is acceptable)

8. Over five pages of full text and no more than ten pages. I will take off up to 15 points per

page missing of length.

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