Explain the significance of your topic with relationship to your own professional interests.

As such your final paper for this class will be an annotated bibliography of three peer-reviewed, academic articles which you will be responsible to find. The formatting of an annotated bibliography differs from that of an academic essay. In an annotated bibliography you provide the reader with a full citation, and then a paragraph-length summary and analysis of the core content in that citation. Consequently, you will not be required to fully incorporate these research articles. Please feel free to treat each article as a distinct approach to a common topic. Aim to keep these annotations between 250-500 words.

However, I would like you to frame your descriptions of the research with a 500-1000 word introduction. Treat this introduction as an opportunity to explain the significance of your topic with relationship to your own professional interests. I am asking for content of a somewhat personal nature—specifically, why this topic matters to you—but you should justify the choice with some careful thought.

Two final notes:

1. It is imperative that you avoid paraphrasing. Your goal is to explain the content in your own language, not to to take the original language of the article and slightly “tweak” it. Paraphrasing will be treated as plagiarism for this assignment, and I will give you a 0.

2. You will be submitting the assignment through SafeAssign on Blackboard. Please save and attach the file as LastF.paper4.doc or .docx.

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