Explain the role of celebrity in supermarket advertising.

1 Is my area of research worthy of investigation?

2 Have I got good research topic?

3 Have I done critical litreture review

4 Can I explain the different research paradigms and philosophies?

5 What approach do I use (Case study, Descriptive, etc)? Have I considered ethical and legal issues in relation to gathering data for my research?

6 How will I justify my data collection methods and sampling (observations, interviews, etc)?

7 Do I use quantative or qualitative data (or both)?

8 Could I explain the difference between independent and dependent variables if asked to do so?

9 What are the access issues I should be considering? Am I clear on how I will analyse my data?

10 Have I planned the research work (e.g GANT chart, SPSS, Nvivo) so it will be successful. Have I mitigated the risks?

The sessions from weeks 1 -10 will provide opportunities to present and share thoughts on each of these areas.