Explain the Principles of Entrepreneurship


Prepare a 2000-2500 word report using at least one of the following listed business models*, to develop a viable business proposition. The proposition could/may be for a start-up or existing business. The business model suggested should be the foundation or integral for both creativity and innovation. Elements of margins, value, scalability, and defensibility should be imbedded into the narrative. Once completed, prepare a 50 second elevator pitch that details the central aspects of the business proposition developed.


Students will be expected to submit the report through myCourses. Each report should have a detailed peer review form completed. (See attached peer review template) Students could use more than one business model in their narrative. Groups should conceptualise their understanding of a business venture. Groups will have the task to select their business venture and sector. Each group will be expected to take part in an Elevator pitch

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