Explain the content in The Problem of Socrates’ Aphorism 5 in Twilight of the Idols.

My teacher’s request: “So far, this class has given you an introduction to the nature of philosophy, logic, and Plato’s The

Apology which have tested your ability to distinguish between concepts so as to understand them.

Building on this skill-set, the following essay is designed to examine your capacity to read and

explain, in a clear, consistent, and holistic, manner, a specific passage from Nietzsche. The aim in

so doing is to get you to synthesis and explain the material you have read, thereby developing

your reading, writing, and explanatory skills. To this end, you are to explain the content of ‘The

Problem of Socrates’ §5 in Twilight of the Idols. Limiting your response to this specific

aphorism, your response should provide a detailed, line-by-line explanation of it.

Your papers should:

– Include an introductory section outlining what you’ll do and the argument you’ll develop

regarding the passage (3 marks)

– Pick out relevant words/phrases/concepts and explore their meaning in accordance with your

argument (10 marks)

– Provide a coherent and thorough explanation of the passage in accordance with your argument

(10 marks)

– Be fully referenced (5 marks)

– Be grammatically correct and organizationally well-structured (7 marks)”

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