Explain Ten Principles of Economics and How Markets Work

In Week 1, students are introduced to the ten fundamental principles on which the study of economics is based. Throughout this course, the students will use these ten principles to better develop their understanding of economics and how society manages its scarce resources. Students will see how markets work using supply and demand for a good to determine both the quantity produced and the price at which the good sells. The concepts of equilibrium and elasticity are used to explain the sensitivity of quantity supplied and quantity demanded to changes in economic variables. Students will see how government policies impact prices and quantities in markets. , Ch. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6. an -word research paper as part of a marketing research committee for your organization about current microeconomic thought and theory. the fundamental lessons the Ten Principles of Economics teaches regarding: the following to help the committee members understand how markets work:consistent with APA guidelines.the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.Name the Paper as specified in the Instructor Policies.Submit WritePont report and TurnItIn report.  

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