Explain strategies you might implement to mitigate future occurrences among your faculty.

Discrimination and Harassment

Discrimination and harassment are acts that can occur within an educational setting. There are laws and policies forbidding this type of behavior of educators and leaders or administrators.

For this Assignment, search for a real-life case of discrimination or harassment that involves an educator in an educational setting. You may also create a scenario that involves discrimination or harassment. Search for discrimination and harassment laws and policies, and compare them to the policies you follow within your own educational setting. Consider how you would address the case as a leader.

In 4-6 pages, include the following information:
Either a summary of the real-life case (cited in proper APA format) or the scenario you created.

Cite the laws or policies that govern discrimination and harassment.
Explain where you located these laws or policies. Compare these to the policies in your district.
Explain whether these are either compatible or if there are any gaps at which you might want to consider as a leader in education.
Explain how you might close any gaps you identified.
As a leader (e.g., principal, superintendent) in the case you presented, how would you address the educator? How might you address the media if the case were public?
Explain strategies you might implement to mitigate future occurrences among your faculty.

Use APA guidelines to cite your references.

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