Explain Phthalate effects on Sertoli cells: anti-proliferative or pro-apoptotic?

This is animal biology lab report. I will provide the lab results and lab manual, but only I need you to help me with the results and discussion parts. Results (300 words) Description the results that exposure to DBP affects TM4 cell number. Description of the results that DBP affects proliferation by compare DNA content profiles of DBP-exposed and unexposed TM4 cells. Description of the results that exposure to DBP induces apoptosis by immunofluorescent detection of cleaved caspase3. Discussion (500 words) Interpretative analysis the effects of exposure to DBP on cell number. Interpretative analysis the DNA content in unexposed TM4 cells and DBP-exposed TM4 cells using flow cytometry. Interpretative analysis whether exposure to DBP induces apoptosis. Compare these results which describe effects following exposure to DBP in vivo. The citation style is J Cell science

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