Explain impact of technology has/d on Maori in comparison with other indigenous societies around the world.

Module 4: Cultures & Technology

For this element of the ePortfolio you are expected to showcase your ability to analyse the impact technology has/d on Maori in comparison with other indigenous societies around the world. You can choose any indigenous society that you wish; Aborigines (Australia), Orang Asli (Malaysia), Inuit (Canada), Kayapo (Brazil), San Bushmen (Southern Africa), Native Americans (USA), etc. Once you have decided on an indigenous society start collecting data and materials that can support your topic.

The post should demonstrate

Your ability to evaluate the impact of technology on the Maori society from historical, cultural and social viewpoints.

Your ability to make comparisons between Maori with other indigenous societies.

Start planning how you want information to be displayed on your portfolio and what electronic evidence you think will best demonstrate your understanding of ‘ethics’. Such electronic evidence may include text, electronic files, images, video clips, and reflection on topics, reviews of articles, newsfeed, hyperlinks and class activities.

Do your research, find related videos on the chosen trend, summarise relevant articles you’ve read on the trend, give links to relevant resources etc. When you use information from external sources then ensure that you give proper APA referencing- both in-text and a reference list.

Remember planning is the key and with good planning you will be able to demonstrate your critical thinking, creativity and problem solving skills expected at level 6.

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