Explain how your product could be expanded into the global market place.

Deliverable Length: 300–450 words (include your IP4 assignment with an


Weekly tasks or assignments (Individual or Group Projects)

Key Assignment Final Draft

Part 1

Attach your Phase 4 IP with any changes made based on faculty comments. This is a chance for you to improve or clarify any areas that were a challenge in the draft submission.

Part 2 (300–450 words)

Add the following 2 sections:

Executive summary: Write 100–150 words highlighting key points about the plan. It should act as an abstract that explains the current marketplace and customer market to management. It should outline major sections of the plan.

Global opportunities: Select 1 country where the product could be successful. Explain how your product could be expanded into the global marketplace by writing a narrative of 200–300 words that justifies the following:

The country’s current marketplace and competitive environment

The country’s economic situation

1 cultural value that matches your home country’s product values

2 demographic characteristics of your proposed target market

The recommendation for expanding into the selected global market, or a general statement that outlines the conducted research

Your final marketing plan should include all of the following sections:

Executive Summary

Company Overview


Research and Marketing Strategy

The Marketing Mix

Product Positioning Strategy

Customer Profile

Marketing Communications

Distribution of the Product

Global Opportunities

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