Explain how you will gather secondary data on your marketing concepts.

my topic for the assignment is: marketing methods upon easyjetairlines so the company is


Introduction (200 words max)

– Outline the aims and objectives of the Marketing Analysis Project

– Briefly introduce the main theoretical topic for the project and the market sector context in which

the research is taking place.

– Briefly justify the current value of focusing on your chosen context/topic.

Section 1 – Preliminary Analysis of Market Sector (1,000 words max)

In this section you need to develop an initial analysis of the market sector that you are planning to

research. This should address relevant market trends over the past three years. You are expected therefore

to gather up to date, relevant industry sources and selectively use information from those sources to

develop a clear overview of current trends in that market sector. You should evaluate the impact of current

trends on the marketing approaches of firms. This should not be a descriptive section. It should be

analytical and demonstrate your ability to apply relevant concepts and models to your analysis. Your focus

for this preliminary analysis should be on the following three areas;

 Customer analysis (segmentation, buyer behaviour)

 Competitive Analysis (direct/indirect, marketing performance metrics, marketing spend)

 Firm analysis (marketing activities)

Sources of Information

Market Intelligence Reports, Business/Marketing press, Industry reports and data, Creative Club/Adsnaps.

Library databases: Mintel, Keynote, Lexis Library, ABI/Inform, Business Source Complete, WARC, Creative club.

Section 2 – Preliminary Review of Marketing Concept(s) (1,000 words max)

Outline and explain the key marketing theoretical concepts that you are going to examine in your work (a

maximum of two/three concepts). Concepts should be realistic and related. Prepare a review of key and

recent sources from the academic literature on the concepts. Your review of the literature should clearly

focus on the marketing concepts being investigated.

Sources of Information

Academic journals, key texts books, practitioner journals/reports. Library databases: Emerald, WARC,

Ingenta, ABI/Inform, Business Source Complete.

Section 3 – Preliminary Data Collection Plan and Methodology (500-1000 words max)

You may develop your Project with one of the below

– just secondary data OR

– a combination of secondary data and media content analysis OR

– a combination of secondary data and primary data.

It is your choice, so please discuss it with your supervisor.

This section requires you to outline your research methodology for the Project. You are required to present

an overview of how you intend to apply the theoretical concepts identified in section 2 to your chosen

market sector. Specifically, you are required to provide an outline of how you intend to gather data to

analyse these concepts within the context of your chosen market sector.

For your Secondary Data collection you are required to provide an outline of the following; (500 words)

– Research objectives – what exactly are you hoping to achieve with your research?

– Research context – Identify the specific firm, product/service, customer groups or marketing

activities on which you are gathering data

– Secondary data sources – Explain how you will gather secondary data on your marketing concepts –

what data and what sources. Note: this needs to be industry data sources, not academic


– Analysis – Identify how you will analyse or evaluate that data in order to apply the marketing


If also carrying out Media Content Analysis (advertising, social media content, product placement, press

releases etc.), you are required to provide an outline of the following; (additional 500 words)

– Research objectives

– Research approach (qualitative/quantitative) and why

– Sampling frame/Unit for analysis – what media, content, time frame, firms/brands and why

– Coding scheme – what are your coding categories for your content analysis form/checklist.

How will you incorporate the marketing concepts into the form/checklist.

– How the data will be analysed


If also gathering Primary Research Data, you are required to provide an outline of the following; (additional

500 words)

– Research objectives

– Research approach (qualitative/quantitative) and why

– Research method (focus group, interview, observation, survey, netnography) and why that

is the best method for the data collection

– Sampling – What respondents, why those respondents

– Research instrument – What is your instrument design. How will you incorporate the

marketing concepts into the research instrument.

– How the data will be analysed

please go through the assignment brief carefully, if there any issue please dont hesitate to contact me

thank you

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