Explain how you can use reflection feedback from others to improve your teaching and help the learners to make progress towards challenging targets.]

the purpose of this journal is to allow you to take critical reflection on you teaching and its impact on the learners. it must refer to appropriate including literature on reflection and on beauty therapy issues, the work should show awareness of models of reflection.

the reflection should address the following:

1- using reflection feedback from others to improve your teaching and help the learners to make progress towards challenging targets.]

2- reviewing and extending you subject knowledge in ways to help you to enhance your teaching and meet learners needs.

3-reflecting on the role off english, mathematics and ICT in the subject and courses that you teach and how you support learners to progress in these areas.

4- reflecting on issues of equality and diversity in the subject and courses that you teach, both as challenging and as opportunities.

5- reflecting on the concept of innovation and creativity in education and application in practice including how you introduced new ideas and thinking into you practice.

i am a beauty therapist and this is a reflective journal that is about my time at work placement at panache training beauty academy, i have been working there since October 2014 since i have been studying for my PGCE lifelong learning in the uk. this is a refection of my teaching experience. i was teaching young adult student age range from 16-19 these students have got a variety if behaviour problem and mental issue they do not listen and are always misbehaving so it has been a challenge teaching them the skills i have as a beauty therapist. for point 1 i will upload some feedback that i have got from my observation to help you have an idea of how i should improve my teaching to help the learners towards challenging targets. in maths english and ICT we help students to make beauty leaflet for example aftercare leaflets after a treatment. what is a contraindication leaflet i did a competition on what is a contraindication and they had to describe it the winner got a eyeshadow pallett. we help student use many skills with ICT, english and maths when teaching beauty therapy. and for the 5th point i will upload my creativity and innovation project so you have an idea of what i did for that topic.

in addressing these themes, you need to demonstrate the use of sustained and rigorous reflection to evaluate and improve your own teaching and inclusive practice.you also need to show that you have engaged with other specialist in the same subject area to improve knowledge and skills. should show reflection on the engagement with an employer.

just make this part up as i had a mentor called Clare who i worked closely with so you can say she helped me with improving with my skills.

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