Explain how you can sanitation and food variety in school cafeteria. By writing a better proposal.

Now that you have learned how to write effective technical documents, it is time for a final test in which you will examine a local problem and examine a way in which you can solve this problem. The textbook gives a sample report on the use of clickers in the classroom, so take this as an example of how specific your topic should be (though, you are free to choose an issue related to your current job/workplace/dorm). The narrower your topic, the better. You want to choose topic concerning your current/past workplace that you can actually do something about (so topics like the lack of parking on campus or the legal use of medicinal marijuana in the state of Tennessee are far .  The first part of this assignment will be your proposal or memo in which you will layout your research plans. This document should include the following sections: memo, purpose, summary, proposed tasks, schedule, experience, and references. There is a sample proposal/memo in the textbook on pp. 457-462 (however, we are writing a shortened version).  Be sure that your writing is consistently professional and your materials are presented well in layout and design. Proofread carefully for any errors in spelling and grammar. Use correct APA citation.

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