Explain how to enhance/improve the multinational logistics in NATO

This is a Portfolio consisting of 18 topics/activities that build on each other. I have completed 1 to 6 and started with 7. I need you to finish 7 and complete 8 to 18.

The problem I have chosen for the Portfolio is: How to enhance/improve the multinational logistics in NATO. So the work must focus on the solutions to the problem that I have chosen.

Please use activities 1 – 6 which I have completed and complete activity 7 – 18.

Overall the word count is 10,000 words, but I have already completed 6 of the 18 activities, so you have about 6,878 words for activities 7 to 18.

I will attach the study guide, this details the exact requirement for each activity, it also have recommended books, however the links to the books will not work for you because you need a password, nevertheless, you should be able to get them via your own means.

Also attached is the completed activities (1 to 6), never-mind the formatting I used, I will fix it all up at the end.

Also attached is the unfinished activity 7 (with some comments from my tutor which I added at the top)

Required format is Arial 11, justified, 1.5 spacing.

Any supporting material can be thrown in as a appendix – this will not count towards the word-count in the main body.

Finally, please use Harvard referencing, this includes the specific page numbers of the reference . Lastly, once activity 18 is complete, a one page introduction to the whole paper.