Explain how one can geta a business plan for the website Shop to Tvael

I wrote a memo on what I want this site to be but I need a good business plan. I will also send an example business plan about Kickstarter. I want the same format.

Here is the memo:

Subject: Shop More To Get A Chance To Travel The World with Shop to Travel

You Want To Travel But Don’t Have The Enough Budget?

Shop to Travel will provide its users with an exclusive opportunity to get chances to win a dream vacation by shopping at over 1,000 participating online and in store retailers. When users spend $50 at our participating retailer stores, they will get an entry into our weekly/monthly travel package. Destinations will be limited at the beginning but Shop to Travel is forecasting to have +50 destinations at the end of a year.

Win-Win Situation

Shop to Travel will be a no-fee membership service that goals on creating a real win-win proposition between merchants and consumers. For travelers who love to see the world or non-travelers who wants to see the world this will be unique opportunity for them to use. On the other hand, merchants will make more money with higher conversion rates and repeat purchase rate. This is definitely a win-win situation for both sides of the business.

People Love Winning

It is fact that everybody loves winning. When people are given the chance to shop at a merchant that provides them a chance to win something versus a merchant that doesn’t, they will always choose to shop with the one that gives. Shop to Travel uses this opportunity and creates a creative business with a great competitive advantage.