Explain how individuals differ and how their behaviour may vary in different organisational scenarios;

Select an organisation you are involved with on at least a weekly basis. The organisation may be your employer, a voluntary organisation you are involved with, the university, study centre or any other organisation you engage with regularly, e.g. your church, social club, medical centre etc.

Note: You must use a pseudonym for the organisation so that no one can identify it by its real name.

Think about what formed part of the psychological contract when you first came to this organisation. For this part of the assessment, identify and discuss the “health” of your psychological contract.

PArt 2:

Length: 900 words

This assessment addresses learning objectives (LO) 2, 4 and 6
2. To recall and outline a range of theories and concepts about behaviour of people in
organisations as individuals or as members of collective groups, structures and cultures;

4. To assess and explain how individuals differ and how their behaviour may vary in different organisational scenarios;
6. To appraise and discuss how different behaviours in organisations may contribute towards the
satisfaction and productivity of organisational members.

Task Step 1: Blog (worth 10%) Select an organisation
You should have already completed Step 1 by identifying and discussing the “health” of your
psychological contract and posting this as a blog online.

Task Step 2: Organisational Observation-Review

Over the course of a couple of weeks observe and take notes on the behaviour you see occurring in
this organisation.

Note: You must use a pseudonym for the organisation so that no one can identify it by its real name.

You should base your observations on the concepts, theories and ideas covered in Topics 1 to 3.
The list below indicates SOME of the areas you could focus your observations around.

Note: Your observations should cover areas from at least 2 topics, however you don’t need to cover every
aspect of the topic. For example, observations on the psychological contract might also have
implication regarding job satisfaction and/or motivation.
Topic 1: Managing task performance, human resource maintenance, the psychological contract,
functions of management, knowledge management, work-life balance issues or ethical issues.

Topic 2: Organisational values, job satisfaction, job performance or workplace diversity.
Topic 3: Workplace motivation e.g., does equity theory apply or can you see evidence of
Herzberg’s satisfiers vs. dissatisfiers, is expectancy theory used? Are staff empowered? How?

Task Step 3: Write a Review (worth 10%)
Write a review of your observations that addresses the following point
1. Describe the organisation briefly.
2. Identify what behaviour/situations you observed in the workplace (this should include
reference to your personal observations on the health of your psychological contract).
3. Explain this behaviour using appropriate theories covered in topics 1 to 3 to support your
answer (e.g., was a manager involved in the situation, how was the situation handled).
4. Assess this behaviour/situation using organisational theory (e.g., was this the best outcome,
is there a better way of dealing with the behaviour or situation?)
5. Discuss how has using OB theories and concepts have helped you to understand what was

You are expected to cite at least three references, so please make sure you reference correctly any
theories or concepts you refer to appropriately, using APA6.

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