Explain how coaching is important as a business skill by leaders.

Hello, Please provide an answer to these six questions in at least 200 words but no more than 250 words while citing at least three different sources for the six answers (meaning that you can use the same source for 2 sources, then change to another source for the next 2 answers, then a final source for the last 2 answers). 1.  Explain how coaching is important as a business skill by leaders. 2.  Explain different management styles utilized by team leaders. 3.  Explain methods team leaders use to foster trust and adoption of new ideas in business. 4.  Explain the situational leadership model. 5.  Explain the roles and responsibilities of team members to achieving organizational objectives when working in teams. 6.  Explain what is meant by a team sponsor or person in a team champion role. I would like these answers completed by 8:00pm US Central Standard Time on Saturday, February 25, 2017. Thank you! 

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