Explain Annotated Bibliography

This assignment allows you to explore more scholarly research; in addition, it provides the opportunity to practice writing summaries and documenting IEEE references. For this assignment, locate and read seven scholarly articles on a topic of interest in Information Systems. Next, create an annotated bibliography with all of your articles. Annotated bibliographies contain an alphabetical list of your references (by author’s last name), with a summary of each article following each reference. Summaries typically include the following items:  Summaries should be no longer than four sentences. One single entry looks like this: I. T. Ozbolat and Y. Yu, \”Bioprinting toward organ fabrication: challenges and future trends,\” vol. 60, pp. 691-699, Mar. 2013.In this article, the authors, both of whom have PhDs in Biomedical Engineering, discuss current practices in 3D organ printing and predict future trends. They surveyed 50 biomedical labs and concluded that current practices are unstable due to lack of regulation. In addition, they predict that with better regulation, printed organs could be utilized for transplants in the human body by 2020. This article is useful for recent graduates and regulatory agencies. Upload your Annotated Bibliography in BB by Week 6 class time. Also bring a printed copy to class.    Annotated Bibliographies: Instructions and Sample:   Template:

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