Evaluate the claim that soap operas empower female audiences.

I need a media essay that shows both sides towards this debate. The information below explains everything needed for this essay. Please make sure you focus on media theorists such as Ang and Geraghty, Hobson and Brunsdon and Modleski. This is the paragraph that helps in the guidance of the essay: Soap operas tend to be dismissed by critical theorists as worthless escapism. Soaps have also been seen as offering various pleasures for viewers. Some feminist researchers, in particular, view soaps as offering women rich resources for reflection on their lives and relationships. Theorists who view soaps as empowering women, in one way or another, are Ang and Geraghty, Hobson and Brunsdon. Gillespie’s research on how young Asians in Southall employ soap operas as a cultural resource is also of relevance. For a critical response to those who are positive about women’s relationship with soaps, see Modleski. You will need to evaluate the competing arguments.