Eplain Excel Spreadsheet Lineup Optimizer.

I\’m looking to build an Excel Spreadsheet for my Sports Analyst Class.  For this particular exampe I will use the NBA as the specific sport.   The goal is to have a spreadsheet that can generate a lineup of 9 players optimized based off their respective salary and points per game projection.  Player point projections and statical averages change weekly so the Excel spreadsheet needs to be able to accept new data.  The data I will upload every week is in a specific format.  Attached is the format in which it will come.   Here are some more specific steps that need to be accomplished. 1.  Excel spreadsheet that I can easily insert weekly data and statistics. 2.  Functional Red button that says \”Start\” that will generate the lineup.3.  Lineup otimizer that compiles best lineup based off position and salary combination.4.  Salary Cap is $60K.5.  Roster combination of PG, PG, SG, SG, SF, SF, PF, PF, C. Watch this video.  The lineup optimizer here is using is what I\’m trying to recreate.

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