Employee Relations/Union Campaigns

Employee Relations/Union CampaignsOrder DescriptionInstructions:Read chapters 6 and 7 of the text: Fossum, J. A. (2009). Labor Relations, Development, Structure, Process. New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.. While the material refers to both union campaigns and union avoidance, we will combine the study of the two. To this end:1. When elections for unions occur, the process can be very adversarial and contentious, as many elections can be. Put yourself in the position working on a union election. Which of these 3 roles would suit you best and why, knowing the information you now are learning about labor relations:• Running the campaign of a union candidate• Monitoring election outcomes• Informing all parting of legal rules regarding campaign organization and the election process.Explain your answer and tell us a bit about yourself and your personality.2. Read the GMFC case on 189 and state your answer to the problem, as listed in the last sentence on 190.3. What is your opinion of the philosophy-laden approach to employee relations?

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