Does your game stimulate imagination and creativity? How? Explain

Write your general reflections, comments, and questions related to the sixth chapter of Squire, K. (2011). Video Games and Learning. Teaching and Participatory Culture in the Digital Age. New York, NY: Teachers College Print.
(pp. 109-139). [Up to 50 points]

2. You had a chance to work with a “lite” version of the “Designer’s Guide” (30 questions to evaluate, select, modify, design, and implement games). If you had to expand the guide in an educational direction, what kind of questions would you ask? Write three to five questions related to learning/teaching/education, for the development of an “educational” game. Think about Squire’s book, the additional readings, and the topics discussed in class. For example, your questions could sound like this:

1. What are the learning objectives of your game? How are they integrated in the game?
2. Does your game stimulate new interests and interest-driven learning?
3. Does your game stimulate imagination and creativity? How?

Keep in mind the learning/playing experience you will be offering to your audience (those who will play your game). [Up to 50 points]
The style will be