Does the writer clearly identify the source(s) for each distinct idea, assertion, or fact?

you have to write a 2 pages discussion paper about someone else paper please follow the instructions carefully and you don’t use other sources just the article provided in my account.

As a discussant, you are asked to read the drafts and articles carefully and to provide, in writing, specific suggestions for improvement.

Your written comments for each paper should begin with a brief general assessment of the paper, identifying overall strengths and weaknesses (e.g., What I liked most about the paper was . . . “). Then choose two of the numbered criteria from the DIAGNOSTIC list (attached) for which you feel best able to provide clear, constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement. For each of these two criteria, write a clear statement of your evaluation and suggestions. Whenever possible, illustrate your comments with specific passages from the paper and/or examples of suggested improvements. Written comments should be a minimum of two full pages for each paper reviewed. Written comments will be scored on a four-point scale. To receive an “A” grade, the written comments must provide constructive criticism – that is, suggestions that are relevant, substantive, and practical.

1. Is the thesis of the core source clearly stated?

2. Is the thesis focused and substantive?

3. Is the content understandable without having to re-read the paper or major parts of it?

4. Does the writer clearly identify the source(s) for each distinct idea, assertion, or fact?

5. Does the writer emphasize key points without being redundant?

6. Is the extension clearly stated and clearly connected to the core source?

7. Does the paper have at most a few grammatical and/or spelling errors?

8. Does the opening paragraph give a clear indication of what is to follow?

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