Discuss who are Theologians and Include scholarly sources with an emphasis on Theology not Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, Education, Counseling.

The student will complete this assignment using the template provided in Blackboard. This assignment will prepare the student for the Research Paper. The student will select a topic and a minimum of 5 journal articles to review. Each reference must be cited in current Turabian format. This assignment must be submitted through SafeAssign.

Annotated Bibliography – You will be able to submit an Annotated Bibliography this week. In this assignment, you will need to include the Topic of your Research Paper with at least 5 scholarly Journal Articles. It would be helpful for you to begin praying about the direction God is leading you for the final Research Paper.

Topic – You should select a Topic from the approved list in the instructions, and the Topic becomes your Title for the Research Paper. You will add a colon and a specific focus.



If you select a Topic that cannot be found on the approved list, it must pertain to this class. In addition, you will be required to defend why you believe the Topic is pertinent to this class when you submit the Annotated Bibliography. You can save yourself much work by selecting a Topic already approved in the instructions.

Annotations – You will need to type each source alphabetically by the author’s last name. Refer to Turabian for instructions concerning how to cite sources correctly in a Bibliography. Describe each source with enough detail so I can clearly understand the thesis and purpose of the source. It may be helpful to include some of the main points and how the author concluded. (Note: students sometimes lose points by not including enough details.)

Sources – Include scholarly sources with an emphasis on Theology not Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, Education, Counseling, etc. Who are Theologians? Look for scholars who teach Theology. You should explore the Online Library at liberty.edu for free Online Scholarly Journals.

Prayerfully Explore – Enjoy your time prayerfully exploring all of the sources that pertain to your Topic. You will find many nuggets worth remembering as you consider the words written by the giants of the faith.

I will give you the instruction for this assuagement and Rubric. As I mentioned, this assginment must be submitted through Safe Assign which means it must be your original sentence because I need to avoid plagiarism.

I want to write about “The Unity of Christ’s Person and Work” given me but I can not still use this name of topic, need to be changed. And I could not find the 5 scholarly journal articles so I recommend you to use site: A few peer-reviewed journals are the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, Bibliotheca Sacra, Grace Theological Journal, and the Westminster Theological Journal. Since magazines (e.g., Christianity Today, Visions, etc.) are not considered scholarly, they do not contain appropriate articles to critique. In addition, this journal article emphasize on theology not Old Testament, New Testament, etc as I mentioned above.