Discuss the role of Women in the society to satisfy sexual needs of men.

Women’s’ role in the society

Women role in the society is orchestrated by their sexuality. They act as housewives and are often abused. They are used as sex machines whose role is to satisfy sexual needs of men. For instance, Desdemona is the wife of Othello and she is exposed by Othello as promisqous.(2014)

Love and hate

Othello loved Desdemona and married her. Their relationship turns to hate as a result of Othello manipulation by Lago.It is because of hate ,that  lago seeks to manipulate Othello.Othello is the villain of hate as his actions are eventually controlled by hate.

Revenge and war

Othello and lago are used to show these two themes. Lago hated Othello because he did not promote him and suspicion that he slept with his wife. Because of this he plots revenge, which is war, to separate Othello and his wife. He never succeeds.

Selected Characters


1. At the beginning of the play, he was a war hero, fluent speaker and responsible husband. At the end of the play, he becomes irrational and jealous, and even kills his wife.

2. Lago manipulates Othello by telling him that his wife is unfaithful and promiscuous. This makes Othello hateful, jealous, irrational and bitter. He eventually murders his wife. He becomes a murderer.

3. Othello’s strength is showcased by the fact that he is war hero, eloquent speaker(story teller) and loving husband. He was wiser than those who despised him. His weakness stems from his race which makes insecure. This insecurity becomes a tool that Lagos uses to manipulate making him irrational and jealous. He is jealous when he hears that his wife is unfaithful.

4. He becomes bitter and feels betrayed. He gets further furious because of his perfectionism and this makes develop hate and revenge towards his wife. This makes him murder her.

5. After strangling Desdemona, Emilia ( Lago’s wife) comes in and Othello tells him