Discuss the role of Public relations in McDonald's to face the crisis about hot coffee issue.

Hello . I Need help to complete my paper research that I am doing right now . My topic is

The role of Public relations in McDonald’s to face the crisis about hot coffee issue

I have been writing 9 pages approximately

I need something important please follow this steps:

1- Complete my paper research . I just Need you to write 5 pages for my research .

2- you have to see my outline and follow it step by step . Please start from the point that talk about ( Prepare for the press conferences to answer the several inquiries ) and Design the media material to raise public awareness and Increase the advertising space in TV to gain confidence of the public

3- Use my references that I will send for you right now.

4- Use the APA style to write my paper .

5- Please write some recommendations about this crisis management which include the public relations aspect . It is important to write about public relations contribution for this crisis .

Thank you

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