Discuss the reasons why the population increased exponentially since the industrial revolution.

Q1)How the population of the world changed since you were born?
Q2)Discuss the impact of human demand on water, food and energy.
Q3)Discuss how oil,which is becoming harder to find provides fertilizer, pesticide, and mechanization that so far has allowed us to produce enough food.
Q4)How many people can live on earth?
Q5)Discuss why human population density is a factor in every environment problem.
Q6)Discuss how Saudi Arabia and China are achieving food security by buying arable land abroad .
Q7)Humans beings are good at many things, but thinking about our species as whole is not one of our strong points.Why?
Q8)Has global agriculture hit a natural limit, is there more land to expand to?
Q9)Describe the contributions of Nobel Peace Prize honoree Norman Borlaug to the grain revolution.
Q10)Where are people immigrating from and where are they going to?
Q11)What are the primary reasons the human population increasing.
Q12How will projected world population growth affect your engineering career?
Q13)Discuss the reasons why the population increased exponentially since the industrial revolution.
Q14)Why is it difficult for humans to discuss reproductive control.
Q15) With much of the world living with water scarcity, how can desalination help resolve these issues.
Q16) Why do the poorest nations on earth have largest population growth ?
Q17) How important was cheap oil to the exponential population growth?

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