Discuss the PBS-NOVA Documentary "Secrets of the Viking Sword" and explain the terms related to marketing concepts.

Watch the PBS-NOVA Documentary “Secrets of the Viking Sword”. I believe it is also available to watch on Youtube.

http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/ancient/secrets-viking-sword.html (you can watch the documentary and find Transcript in this website, use the documentary as references)

What are all the Marketing related terms and concepts that you were able to glean from the documentary? They would not be spelled in as many words, but I expect you to interpret them given the context.

Here is an abbreviated example: Build a superior product (the first P) and customers will beat a path to your door (better mousetrap). The Product/production era. The Ulfberht was “cutting edge” technology.

There are many such marketing concepts that you can talk about. Please make references to the documentary when you write about them. ALso, make connections to International marketing as the VIkings used these swords for trade or attack with/of foreign nations.

I hope to get some really good and illuminating/reflective answers.

Here is an example of how you would write/expand your answer:

The first “P” of marketing is PRODUCT. In the PRODUCT ERA of marketing, all that the manufacturer had to do was produce. As long as the manufacturer was producing a high quality product, it would sell (you can have a Ford car in any color, as long as it was black). Also, customers would have to wait a long time after paying in order to get their order fulfilled. Similarly, the Viking Sword Ulfbehrt, was cutting edge technology and was not manufactured in large numbers. Supply was limited and was probably expensive. Therefore, it was in high demand by the rich and ambitious warriors. In the PRODUCT ERA, a manufacturer had to build a better mousetrap. There were enough mousetraps in the market and customers were picky. They knew which one was the best and would demand the best. The U was the best sword and its performance meant the difference between life and death for the wielder. So warriors wanted the better sword. Just seeing the name on the sword afforded special attention and respect to the warrior who carried it and it also made the opponent weak in the knees even before starting the battle.

You can elaborate on this paragraph and make it more meaningful. I am just giving a general outline. There are several such concepts in the documentary.

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