Discuss the main issues covering the topic " Can we prevent the end of the world? IN" Lord Martin Rees", ARTICLES

Write a two pages essay, not more than 1000 words (6000 characters), excluding the cover page and the reference page
Elaborate the subject; suggest solution; make conclusion
Remember to sign the consent to publication form and submit it with your essay (as part 2)
All essays will be posted on this blog “the-scientific-truth.blogspot.ca”
Subject 1: Lord Martin Rees: Can we prevent the end of the world?

Subject 2: Lord Martin Rees: Do We Need Geo-Engineering?

Your essay will need to address and discuss the main issues covering the topic. The essay body will include evidence to support your argument through examples and quotes. Within the body of the essay ensure you remain focused on the essay topic. Include all references you have used for this study.

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