Discuss the Large Synchrounace Generator Protection .

I’m working in my PHD and i need to work to enhance a Large power plant protection schematic (as i’m working in Engineering company) speicifice for Generator and transformers (Bank of Three Single Phase Transformers). You can provied me a piont to work on based on my below expirience or your website just assest on writing?

My Experience?

1- Familiary with Large Transformer and Transformer Protection

2- Familiary with Generator and Generator protection

3- Familiary with Artifical intelagent (1- Wavelete 2- Genatic Algourithm 3- Nural Network)

4- Familirary to use ATP, ETAP, Matlab, Mathcad.

Finally if you can support me to find my piont prese informe me and i’ll apply with fee.

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