Discuss the importance of laws to the society any and the need to amend them from time.

This assignment will assess the following learning outcomes:-
1.. A basic knowledge and understanding of the legal system and the legal structure of the Gulf Region.

2.. An appreciation of the formalities and principles governing the formation of business contracts, formation and organization of business organization.

3.. An ability to conduct simple directed research into the legal right and liabilities arising from the affairs of business.

4.. An ability to analyse problem situations and apply law to provide appropriate solutions.

5.. An ability to work efficiently and effectively as part of a teaAssignment Task

1 – Discuss the importance of laws to the society any and the need to amend them from time. Cite examples from he perspective of oman.

(30 Marks)

2 – suhail Real Estate company in sultanate of oman sold a plot of land for OMR 100.000 to Nada Enterprises located in AL khuwair, There is an article in the contract regarding the sale Deed which asks the suhail Real Estate Co., to Provide Nada Enterprises with the new ownership within a week from the date of signing the contract. Nada Enterprises made their payment on time to suhail Real Estate Co., Two weeks later, the new owner received a letter from suhail Real Estate Co., Telling Nada Enterprises that the original landlord was asking for an extra 10%,

Otherwise, the deed would be cancelled. Nada Enterprises refused to pay the additional amount and raised the case with the committee of conciliation and Reconciliation in the court concerned.

Using the case above , answer the following questions with evidence :-

a) Explain the case based on Law of Contract.

b) Explain the requirements procedure that must be followed by Nada Enterprises regarding the committee of conciliation and reconciliation and if any one of the parties does not convince by the solutions provided by the committee how the party can proceed to fight their case.. (50 Marks)

4 – Conclusion and Findings (10 Marks)

5 – Referencing and bibliography (minimum 5). (10 Marks)

(Good Luck)

Comments Marks Awarded By Max.

Mark s Marks Distribution



Marker I



A – Define Law, its importance to society.

B – Amendments indifferent laws and the reasons for the this

C –



Explain how Nada Enterprises will deal with this matter and which authorities they will approach to deal with their case.

A – Explain the case related to Nada.

B – Explain how Nada can raise the case to the government authorities concerned.

C – Explain whether Nada can win the case or not.



Explain how the Committee of Conciliation and Reconciliation will help in solving the problem.


10% Conclusion:

A – Summarize question 2 and 3.


10% References:

A – Follow the Harvard Referencing system.

B – Minimum 5 references.





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