Discuss the human resource approach of the small business.

Stage Two (20%)

The second stage of this project is the analysis in the form of a PowerPoint Presentation.  In this presentation, students will determine the marketing strategy and human resource approach of the small business.

Required Elements to include in the Analysis Paper (Stage Two):

  • Determine the marketing strategy of the small business;
  • Discuss the human resource approach of the small business;
  • The student must research the industry information and discuss how the small business compares with the industry in which they operate;
  • The student may find it valuable to visit the location and/or interview the business owner.

Required Formatting of PowerPoint Presentation:

  • A total of 15 to 20 slides will be presented that includes a title slide and a slide for references;
  • The note section of PowerPoint is to be used to provide detailed information of each slide;
  • The student must include at least four scholarly references (two of which may not come from the course materials). Direct quotes are not to be used;
  • Graphics are acceptable if they relate to the organization; clip art is not allowed;
  • Students will submit the presentation to the assignment folders by the due date;

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