Discuss the Cultural theory and explain the effects of frames on news audiences

Hello, Please assign anyone who has communication degree background. I am currently seeking my master degree in Organizational Communication and this is my final semester.
I have a class which is Special Topics on Organizational Communications. I have to do research proposal. I have sent two topics with a theory, and I got acceptance from my professor so please let me know which one do you like to write about: ( you need to choose just one topic, Please pick topic which you are interested in the most according to the instructions below: The instructions below must be followed.

The theory is: Cultural theory; effects of frames on news audiences. The instructions are:
Chapter: 1 Introduction Background Problem statement Theory Purpose of study
Chapter 2 : Literature Review: at least 25 ” Academic Source Studies “. Organize it by history from the beginning until today. At least half page for each.
Research question
Chapter 3 :
Methodology: why is it Quantitative or qualitative ? what are the procedures or the tools (focus grope, survey…ect) and please explain why ? Please refer to APA ways of citing your sources and references page. Thank you so much please tell me know if there is any question.

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