Discuss sex trafficking using appropriate examples,and citing all sources

This will be an informative

essay, where you provide information on your topic, using appropriate examples,

and citing all sources (researched material). You should have an introduction which

introduces the topic in general terms and include at the end of your introduction a

clearly stated thesis statement that includes: a) the topic of your essay, and b) the

main point.

Your thesis must be thoroughly supported with sufficient examples and details which

are then supported through cited sources. Remember that your thesis serves as a

springboard for your body paragraphs. Also, assume that your audiene knows very little

about this subject, so define and/or explain any key terms as necessary.

Cited Sources: You need 3 to 5 sources (no less than 3, no more than 5). These should

be listed on the Works Cited page, and you must also include as parenthetical

citations. The last page of your essay should be titled: Works Cited (no underline,

no quotes, no bold, no large font size); on this page, you will list your 3 to 5 sources,

in MLA format.

Sources to use: (use only data published within the last 5 years)

a) Books

b) Journals

c) On-line Databases

d) General-circulation magazine

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