Discuss questionnaire for in depth interview to get deeper insight on the topic being studied

I am going to conduct an in-depth interview with the owner of Capitol House Coffee shop to get qualitative data as background for my project. Depth interviews are exploratory marketing research, used with selected “experts” or especially knowledgeable sources (not just regular consumers), to get deeper insights on the topic being studied. Capitol Coffee house is located in the heart of Boston and right between my University (Suffolk) and the State house. I will attach additional information concerning the Capitol Coffee house but basically my main Research topic for my marketing Research class is ” will coffee shop attract more Suffolk Student if they adopt the Ram card for discounts or/and system of Payment ” .The Ram Card is the Suffolk ID and grants you access to campus buildings and the ability to pay for purchases both on campus and off. Lots of business surrounding Universities in America such as coffee shop and restaurants adopt University students ID card for student discounts or/and payment method to attract more students. I want you to prepare a questionnaire of about 11 -15 questions ( here is a little guide p.11-12 http://www.wallacefoundation.org/knowledge-center/after-school/collecting-and-using-data/Documents/Workbook-E-Indepth-Interviews.pdf ) . Use open-ended questions so the interviewee can respond in his/her own words. I will ask for more information, or ask follow-up questions as the interview unfolds .