Discuss Police investigate complaints of drone following Eagle River, Alaska children…threats to safety and security of Alaskans, and conversely, U.S. citizens

Current Event Analysis

Analyze the event based on the material. You will prepare 3-4 pages in length (not including cover page or reference pages) exploring the event and any response to the event.

1. Police investigate complaints of drone following Eagle River, Alaska children

2. Give an overview of the event.

3. Discuss the incidents leading up to the current event.

4. Discuss the aftermath and potential fallout.

5. Give your analysis.

Questions to consider as you dive into your analysis

Was there a response?

What was the response?

Was the response effective?

Will this event change policy?

Should this event change policy?

How does this event change public perception of responders?

Is this event a local, state or national issue?

Were the resources adequate?

Should there be more resources, or less resources?

Who should get the resources?

6. Conclusion.

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