Discuss in detail how the patient meets the criteria from the symptoms they report in the video vignette.

Watch the five Clinical Interview Diagnosis videos from the lesson again. Each interview depicts either a primary psychiatric disorder or a personality disorder. (Hint: There is only one interview that depicts a personality disorder.) Create one Word document for all five interviews. For each interview, use your notes and the DSM-5 to do the following:
Render a diagnosis: Use the 2 codes given in the DSM-5 (one represents the ICD-9 code and the other represents the (soon to be implemented) ICD-10 code). It is very important to add appropriate specifiers to your diagnosis, as these are a critical component to the new system of diagnosis in the DSM-5.

Explain how you rendered it: Carefully go through the diagnostic criteria of the diagnosis you choose and Discuss in detail how the patient meets the criteria from the symptoms they report in the video vignette. You can also describe how you came to a final conclusion by ruling out other diagnoses to reach your final decision. The important part of the assignment is that I understand how you feel this patient fits the diagnosis based on the diagnostic criteria stated in the DSM-5.

Write 1–2 pages for each diagnosis. My advice would be to watch the videos several times. First, use the notes you took to determine what you consider the symptoms to be. Next, try to place the symptoms within a larger category, such as mood disorder or anxiety disorder. Then narrow it down to a specific diagnosis based on your assessment of symptoms. Read the DSM-5 very carefully—the patient must meet diagnostic criteria.

The entire assignment is worth 50 points, but each diagnosis will be graded separately and is worth 10 points. Once you have completed the assignment, submit it to the Clinical Interview Diagnoses Drop Box.

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